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In 1973, Dominique, a teen from the town of La Machine in the Nièvre, begins a dialogue with a striking spirit through the partition of her room. A year later, in 1974, after three centuries of exploiting the last wells of the coal mine that extends under the farm city, the last miner returns. It goes without saying, it comes from within. The region is brimming with similar stories, to the point of being blue in the face.


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Genius loci. CAC Parc-Saint léger. France. 2018

On an asteroid transformed into an artificial satellite of the Earth and a mining colony lives a population in exile. Its inhabitants work hard to extract the billions of tons of rare minerals that the asteroid contains. All these precious rocks are sent through a gigantic pipeline to a planet Earth abandoned to radiations. Everyone up there lives his life, and keeps hope to make the Earth habitable again. However, during a routine computer operation, signals intercepted by an artificial intelligence, suggest that the situation on Earth would be very very different ... As the unsuspected awakening of a volcano that was thought forever asleep, the asteroid starts to bubble.


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You show us banks, clinics, oil fields, wheat fields, schools, stock exchanges, factories, conference rooms, the Mediterranean. At your place crimes are committed, contracts are concluded, adultery consumed. Here, people tamper, people die, people give birth. You use everything that can make an impact. You are not afraid from innovation. By your place everything is possible.

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The only possible and the failure

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You speak english fluently.

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Born in 1987 and 1986. Live and work in Paris.

Irma Name is an artist duo composed by Hélène Deléan and Clément Caignart. Irma Name conceives strategies and builds critical situations in which participants become actors and authors of the narrative. The artists usually appropriate tools from public relations to alternative pedagogies, with a specific interest on improvised speech. They gratuated from Beaux Arts de Paris National School of Art, and their work has notably been shown in Paris (Centre Pompidou, Glassbox), Shanghai (Bazaar Compatible), Cac Parc Saint Léger.


Genius loci. CAC Parc-Saint léger. 15 Septembre. 9 Décembre. 2018